Freight Agent

  • Full Time
  • January 31, 2017
  • 500$ - 1000$

What is a Freight Agent

A freight agent is responsible for sales and matching carriers with customer needs. Most agents work from their own homes, under the direction and authority of a licensed freight broker. Thus they have little or no liability, but are able to earn a significant income based upon the profit their customers generate. Agents interact with both shipping customers and motor carriers in an effort to ensure their customers' freight is picked up and delivered on time, in good condition with no problems. Most of a freight agent's day consists of soliciting new customers, providing freight rates, sourcing carriers, negotiating with shippers/carriers, dispatching trucks, scheduling pickup/deliveries and solving problems that could potentially delay or damage a shipment.

Maybe you’re just beginning your career as a freight agent and trying to figure out how to start out on the right foot. Maybe you’ve been in the business for years and are starting to notice that the industry is changing. Either way, it’s vital for you to recognize the keys to success as a freight broker agent in order to grow your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a job that I can do from home?
Absolutely. Most agents and many brokers work out of their home office.
How much money can I make as a freight agent?
Your individual earnings will depend on your personal abilities and how determined you are to succeed.
As a full-time agent, you can make from $40,000 to well over $200,000 or more. The potential is virtually
unlimited as you grow.
How do I find customers?
In the training program, we go into detail on this subject, showing you many different tools for locating
your shippers, such as publications, reference sources and Internet sources.
How long will it take for my business to become profitable?
It will take some time to build up your customer database, just as with any business that you start. Typically
it can take three to six months of disciplined work to show a substantial profit. Sometimes it takes much less
time, sometimes more. But once you begin securing customers,they normally have residual shipping, so the sale
repeats itself over and over. Your level of success depends on many factors, such as your level of determination,
your tenacity, and your genuine desire to help your customers succeed.
What equipment will I need to get started?
You'll need a computer with high-speed Internet, a fax machine, a telephone and phone service with inexpensive
unlimited long distance.

Make the transition to business security.

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