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  • January 19, 2017
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Open Your Own FrontPoint Business Center

Offer Digital Mailbox services in your area! No startup fees. No minimums. Zero risk.


Your Digital Mailbox customers have an address at your store just like your physical mailbox customers, but will know exactly what they have in their mailbox and who sent each item, no matter where they are in the U.S. or the world. They use a mobile app, tablet or computer to order services from your store- forward or consolidate mail and packages, scan and store documents, shred or discard unwanted items, add phone and fax, deposit checks…even shop your store online. They will think of their Digital Mailbox as an indispensable part of their life and connect with your store brand on a daily basis.

FrontPoint Business Center's software platform gives business centers and mail center operators the ability to offer their customers a Digital Mailbox in minutes. In a few easy steps, you will have your own fully-branded, secure, virtual mailbox platform. Your customers will love the convenience of getting their postal mail online, and they’ll love you for providing it to them.

We crafted our pricing model based on what we like to see when we shop for services ourselves. We want pricing to be fair, easy to understand, with no contracts, and we only want to pay for services we actually use. With that in mind, we don’t charge you for signing up, training, or invoicing, and we’ll never nickel-and-dime you with add-on fees.


  • View and manage mail when away – business travelers, vacationers, expats, and college students.
  • Immediately read mail content – request a document scan and get a PDF in your inbox.
  • Safeguard mail, checks or packages – no more worries about theft of unsecured items.
  • Digitally archive mail and documents – so easy with our cloud storage service.
  • Protect privacy – when you don’t want to give out your home address or phone number, use your digital mailbox address and phone.
  • Create a virtual office – easily add phone line and fax service to your digital mailbox.
  • Save Time – better than a PO Box. No need to call or drive to see and manage what’s in your box.
  • Shop U.S. websites from any country – consolidate packages to save big on international shipping.

How It Works

Step 1
Scan or photograph an envelope, package, or label with any mobile device, tablet, or scanner.
Step 2
Securely upload the image to the FrontPoint cloud for assignment.
Step 3
The renter receives an alert. The mail item can then be viewed and managed by using a mobile
device or computer.
Step 4
Manage your customers mail. FrontPoint Business Center enables you to easily manage your customer’s
mail handling requests.

Our Advantage

Client Portal
Fully branded portal for all customer interactions, including an online sign-up page for existing and
new mailbox renters, renter portal, email alerts and invoicing.
Easy Integration
Use your existing scanner, mobile device or tablet to capture images and assign mail to your customers.
Get Traction
We will generate new customers for your center via our global marketing campaigns.
Low Cost
Zero start-up costs, no monthly minimums and free invoicing. We provide free training and detailed
documentation on how to use the platform.
Your Pricing
Fully customizable platform enabling you to set your own pricing for your customers with easy-to-use
service plans.
Cloud Ready
With our multi-platform solution your customers can view and manage their mail on their desktop,
tablet or smart phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do we make money with FrontPoint Business Center?
Shipping stores make money four ways:
1) from mailbox rental fees,
2) shipping packages or forwarding mail,
3) fees on services they provide such as scanning or shredding, and
4) phone or fax lines provided by FrontPoint Business Center.
We project that stores will collect over $30,000 in revenue for every 100 customers.
What do digital mailbox customers pay for the service?
They pay a monthly mailbox rental plus fees for optional services that they request such as shipping,
scanning or shredding. There are four mailbox rental price tiers beginning at $9.99, geared to the amount
of mail the customer expects to receive per month.
How do digital mailbox customers pay for mailbox rental, shipping and services?
The Frontpoint system collects payment from the customer’s credit card at the beginning of the month
for the monthly mailbox fee, and for every task that is performed, such as shipping or scanning.
Credit card processing is provided by stripe.
What does it cost the stores to offer Digital Mailbox service?
The only cost is a very low monthly software subscription fee. A smartphone or scanner, along with a
computer, is the only equipment needed. No equipment leases or long-term contracts. The program is
designed to make it easy for stores to earn a profit from the beginning, with just a few customers.
Can we ship packages for digital mailbox users with all our current carriers?
The FrontPoint Business Center system is set up for DHL, FedEx, UPS and the USPS. You choose which
of these carriers and which delivery options you want to show as choices for your digital mailbox users,
then ship just like you always do. Use retail rates or set your own prices.
How is pricing set for services such as scanning or shredding?
A price list for optional services is posted on the FrontPoint Business Center website and this is the
default pricing that the customer is charged. Stores have flexibility to adjust pricing for each order.
How do we insert mail into the end user’s digital mailbox and process tasks?
You take a picture with a smartphone or a scanner of the envelope or package, which is then quickly
uploaded into the user’s digital mailbox. Tasks, such as shipping a package or scanning a letter, seamlessly
appear in the back-end system with easy step by step instructions, so they can be completed quickly and accurately.
How much space do we need for digital mailbox users?
Simple rack shelving with small cardboard boxes or file folders will accommodate anywhere between
125 and 200 digital mailbox customers in a space as small as 5 square feet.
Do digital mailbox customers have to file a Form 1583? How do they do it?
Yes. When they fill out their personal information, the Form 1583 is automatically populated and pops
up for easy printing and sending to your store.
How do we get new digital mailbox customers?
You get customers two ways. First, by the marketing you do from your store. FrontPoint BUsiness Center
provides ready-to-print materials including a mini-brochure, flyer, postcard, USPS PO Box stuffer, and
window poster, which can be customized with your store information. In addition, you get an HTML web
page and video to add to your website. Second, FrontPoint Business Center runs its own marketing
campaigns that bring consumers looking for digital mailbox service to the iPostal1 website, where
they can sign up with any store in the network.

A Digital Mailbox for a Mobile Society

Now your customers or employees can manage their postal mail, packages & more online, 24/7 from anywhere.

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